Thursday, March 19, 2009

Makerbot Industries - Cupcake CNC

the future is here..
and the revolution begins.

The Cupcake CNC is the
New Apple for a New Era

Only it's Open Source, will follow Darwinian evolution on Internet time, and is completely hackable.

I'd like to thank Bre Pettis, Zach Hoeken (from RepRap Research Foundation), and Adam Mayer of Makerbot Industries for their work on the Cupcake CNC 3D printer.

I've been planning on building a RepRap for some time now but haven't quite gotten around to ordering all the parts to put it together yet.

I think this neat little package will do the trick since it pretty much includes everything you'll need to get started.

Bre has a great write up on his blog about the Makerbot Launch.

Hope to be designing and printing out parts for myself, friends, and neighbors soon.

thanks again guys.


p.s. see this baby in action...

Makerbot Industries - Cupcake CNC from MakerBot Industries on Vimeo.

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