Thursday, March 19, 2009

City Repair - Permaculture for Urban Spaces [Youtube Video]

Some of this video interview may sound a little newagey (rhymes with sewagey) but listening carefully I found that the premise, culture, and logic are sound.

I particularly like the insight that Mark Lakeman (Co-Founder of City Repair Project of Portland Oregon) puts forth in a segment of his interview...

[I'm sure this could be paraphrased better...]
The city [state] infrastructure is a landscape of dominance that comes from patterns of unsustainably that have been used thought time. The infrastructure of imposition, dominance, and exploitation is really underlying the whole "urge to empire" of the city [state].

There is some good insight in this 27 min. interview even if you need to run it through your newagey filter.


Here is a shorter and more to the point video about the work that City Repair is doing. Thought it doesn't go into much of the deeper insight and systemic problems that have brought us to this point in our civilization.

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