Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do you have a Big Kitty?

Well do you?

a friend sent me this email about kitty Blood Donation.
it's a worthy and often overlooked cause.

email below...

We just got a call from Access Blood Bank - part of the 24 hour hour
vet on Aurora that there is no cat blood, and animals will suffer. Our
cat Stanley Fuzzbutt donates 3/year and has saved 2 cats already.
Access is the only local organization running a blood bank for pets...
i know its important we do it for humans to, but this is often
overlooked by people and its only important when your pet gets hurt
and needs it. This is not just needed for emergency, but planned
surgeries as well.

Access gives you free blood work as part of the program, 3 times per
year - once with each donation. You have to be 10 pounds or more to
give blood, so many cats do not qualify (Fuzzbutt is 15-16 pounds...
too bad for him), but if you have one, please contact them to see if
you can help out.

Normally i don't broadcast these sort of things, but i don't plan on
having kids, so Fizzgig and Fuzzbutt are daddy's little monsters and i
don't know what i would do if anything were to happen to them... so
please, if you can, check into this program and spread the word